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Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies – EMILIE


Six EMILIE pilots become fully operational
SunLab - Solar Cooling technology Lab for building conditioning opens up to the public!
SunCool - Solar Cooling Technology for a Thermal Comfort Laboratory
Students Compete and Learn with SmartEE
EMILIE’s October in Spain

Italy - AREA Science Park (Lead partner)
Spain - Foundation CIRCE, Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption
Spain - Andalusian Institute of Technology
Slovenia - Jožef Stefan Institute
Croatia - Regional Energy Agency Kvarner

Project duration:
1.1.2013. - 30.6.2015.


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EMILIE puts on its finishing touches, as its six pilots begin operation. Previously covered were InfraSun (Slovenia), HVACLab (Spain), and Glassolating (Spain) with some already opening their doors to visitors. In this issue, we catch you up on SunLab (Italy), SmartEE (France), and SunCool (Croatia) and their current progress. Videos capturing each of these pilots and their stages throughout the implementation phase are coming soon and will be made available on EMILIE YouTube channel.

Let us also mention that on the 27 October 2014 the president of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Miro Cerar solemnly opened the pilot plant EMILIE InfraSUN during the visit to Jožef Stefan Institute. Starting this winter, a set of technical workshops for the presentation of new technologies and products mapped at European and global levels, and tested in our pilot plants, will be organized, suited primarily for SMEs, clusters and regional and local administrations in charge of managing public buildings but open also to other stakeholders. We invite you therefore to stay tuned, follow our website, and join us in our upcoming activities.


SunLab - Solar Cooling technology Lab for building conditioning opens up to the public!

The AREA Science Park pilot plant SunLab is now working and open to visitors. It is an open laboratory of advanced solar cooling technologies for building air conditioning, that aims to test and promote its use as well as the adoption of a wide range of innovative products and plants for residential and commercial buildings conditioning. SunLab is among the first Italian plants that integrates the described technologies and, at the same time, provides a platform for testing new components and control strategies.

SunCool - Solar Cooling Technology for a Thermal Comfort Laboratory

Since SunCool’s installation of the solar cooling system at the University of Rijeka – Faculty of Engineering, working conditions in the laboratories have been improved. Furthermore, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption are predicted to have decreased since the installation and use of the solar cooling technology. Currently, the performance of the solar cooling technology is being assessed to determine the possibilities and feasibility of solar absorption cooling. Adjusting and measuring parameters is ongoing and will continue also in the following months.

Students Compete and Learn with SmartEE

The system SmartEE, a pilot developed by CAPENERGIES, is set up in a high school, and includes measuring equipment (electricity, gas, water and heat meters, temperature sensors, CO2 probe) connected to a final user interface (touch screen and mobile). The internet application allows real-time data energy consumption analysis. Students located in different rooms of the school are able to see how they stack up against their comrade in terms of energy behavior, through a counter point "EcoTrocks®".

EMILIE’s October in Spain

October was busy for our Spanish partners when it comes to EMILIE events. Instituto Andaluz de Tecnologia (IAT) participated at the “GreenCities & Sustainability“- an international forum focusing on smart solutions to urban sustainability, that took place in Málaga on 2nd & 3rd October. Everyone intested in EMILIE activites was able to approach IAT's stand and get first-hand information about our activities. Just upon the finish of famoues Fiestas del Pilar, EMILIE partners gathered on the 15 October 2014 in Zaragoza, for the 2nd Technical Group meeting, hosted by CIRCE - Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption, to discuss the ongoing technical issues connected with pilot’s realization and to pay a visit to Glassolating pilot plant.


15th Forum Solar Praxis, Berlin, Germany, 27 - 28 November 2014

> Re-Work Cities, London, UK, 4 - 5 December 2014

>  EMILIE Technical workshop for SMEs in Italy, Environment Park, Torino, 10 December 2014

 EMILIE Technical workshops in Spain, France, Slovenia and Croatia - to be announced

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